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Support Info

All Software and Hardware packages come with FREE limited 60 day support from Assured Computing Technologies. This begins when you receive your system.

The Links above in the right hand corner are for REMOTE SUPPORT. If you have a Service Contract, there is no charge if you are within the incident and time limit of your contract. For Non Contract Support, there is a $120.00 per incident charge. Please have your Credit Card information available when calling. Support Phone number is: (603) 657- 9003

Support Contracts or Single Incident support may be purchased from Assured Computing Technologies. Call or Email for current rates for YOUR package.

The Links below will take you directly to the Manufacturer 3rd. Party support sites, some will require you to Register first. This page is not meant to be all inclusive. Other support options may exist for your specific product.

In all cases, Assured Computing Technologies takes no responsibility for the service or support that you receive from these outside sources. Any charges for support from the manufacturer are strictly YOUR responsibility. Please read all contracts and support terms carefully before you agree.