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Menu Set-up/Programming can be a simple operation or an extremely complex undertaking. Many Owners and Managers given the time, have created their own fully functional menus without our assistance. It is dependent upon the type of establishment, the number of menu items and the various options required for the menu choices. If you would like our team to create a menu for you, we must stress that the Menu we provide is only a starting point and is not meant to be all inclusive or 100% READY TO GO. It will still require some of your time and input before it will totally reflect your exact business needs. We offer 3 separate levels of menu creation based upon your restaurant.

It is very important that you as one of our customers understand there are limitations to any menu that is created by a third party who does not work in the establishment on a daily basis. No two restaurants will ever be the same, just as no two chefs will ever prepare the identical meal. Menus created outside the restaurant can only be as good as the information supplied by the restaurant. In this vein we offer the following guidelines to assist you in providing the most comprehensive information available to allow us to begin the menu creation process.

Each menu item that you offer most likely has various options associated with it. For example:

  • -COFFEE: Regular or Decaf?
  • -Flavors? Original, Breakfast, Espresso
  • -Size: Small, Medium, Larger, Thermos
  • -Cream? Extra Cream? Sugar? Sweet & Low?

Obviously, this is a simplified example. However take this to a full dinner item in a fine dining establishment and you can begin to see the complexity of creating a single item and all of the variations. Fortunately there are TEMPLATES which can be created for recurring choices that can then be applied to all of the items in a certain group.

Example using a standard Steak order.

  • -SIRLOIN STEAK: Size? 6oz, 8oz, 12oz
  • -Cooked? Rare, Med Rare, Medium, Med Well, Well
  • -Sides? Soup or Salad?
  • -Salad? Choice of Dressings
  • -Potato? Type: Baked, Mashed, Fries, Sweet
  • -Potato Options: Sour Cream? Bacon? Chives? Cheese Sauce?

In the previous example, cooking temperature would be a Forced Modifier which could then be applied to all meat items, including Burgers. Potato could be either a Forced or Optional Modifier. The difference is that a Forced modifier will not let you move to the next screen until you make a choice. The Optional modifier is an just that Optional—you do not have to choose anything and can cancel out of the screen going to the next step.

This gives you an idea of the starting point from which all menus are created. If you think about the Menu layout on Screen the way your printed menu is laid out, you may not be happy with the results. On the other hand if you think about the Menu layout on Screen the way your Servers are taking the order, your FLOW will be more representative of the actual order entry.

As stated earlier, we offer 3 different levels of Menu creation based upon the following:

  • -Your unique needs,
  • -Type of Restaurant
  • -Number of Items
  • -Complexity of your Menu
  • -Number of Options

In accordance with industry standards and protocols, Quotes for menu creation can not be completed until we review your menu. The levels below are examples of menu set-up based upon your desire or need for assistance.

It is important to note that all levels require User input and work from the restaurant owner, manager or a designated individual to create the finished product. A menu is not “Plug and Play” or “100% Turnkey” without your direct input.