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Cash Register Express

PC America created Cash Register Express to provide a convenient way for grocers and retailers to navigate the POS interface while tracking inventory. See the video below to learn more. CRE is perfect for independent grocers or supermarkets.


The Bar Code Scanner included in this package is a special model which reads PD 417 Bar Codes. These are the Bar Codes that are commonly displayed on the reverse side of many state licenses. This Special Scanner program used in conjunction with the FOCUS 1690 PD-417 Scanner allows you to quickly and easily verify the age of your potential customers. No more guessing or leaving it to the clerk to decide. The program tells you instantly if the customer is legal or not. When used with the Age Pop-Up Window within Cash Register Express, you receive a reminder. Items are Tagged in CRE with a message to 'CHECK ID' and then the clerk scans the License. This Ability is transparent and built into the CRE software.