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Why do our customers believe that Aldelo is better than Micros, Digital Dining, Aloha and other comparative products? Ask them yourself. With over 60,000 customers around the world - there is 1 in your backyard. Aldelo For Restaurants will dramatically reduce your costs and retain guest loyalty. Our reliable software solution was created with you in mind. Why pay a ridiculous amount of money for a solution that is supposed to lower your costs? With Aldelo For Restaurants, you make a small investment once and start saving immediately.

Some of the Key Features Include:

  • - 100% Touch Operated Point of Sale
  • - Visual Floor Management
  • - Advanced CRM such as Gift Card, House Account, Frequent Buyers
  • - Hostess Features such as Reservations, Waiting List & Guest Paging
  • - CallerID Integration, MapPoint Integration, Coin Dispensor Integration
  • - Labor & Scheduling Management
  • - Menu Recipe Control & Complete Inventory Management
  • - And Much More!

Aldelo works for every restaurant type.